Massage Novi Sad: Relax

Relax massage is a gentle Swedish massage that involves smooth and slippery massage in order to relax. During the relax massage, the masseurs slowly and gently squeeze the skin, muscles, joints and ligaments. It is common that some relaxing music is played during relax massage  in a quiet and relaxing environment.


What is relax massage?

With relax massage, emphasis is not given to so-called “knots“ in muscle tissue, that can be uncomfortable and tense when you pressing them.


Also, the masseur will not test the limits of your pain to relax the muscles as much as possible. It often happens that people fall asleep during a relax massage. It is recommended for people who are trying the massage for the first time, or for those who just want to relax.

When the muscles are gently pressed, lactic acid is pumped out of the muscles, which contributes to the better functioning of the lymphatic system.


Relax massage has certain health benefits.. Gentle massage stimulates nerve endings in the skin, which leads to the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins are natural analgesics that make us to feel better.


In addition to endorphins, during the relax massage, it comes to the secretion of hormones dopamine and serotonin, which contribute to better health and mood. Studies have shown that, during massage, activity in the right lobe of brain decreases, which is more active in people who are depressed, and activity in the left lobe of brain increases. The left lobe is more active in people who are happy and satisfied.


Relax massage relaxes the body more by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is often referred to as the “relaxation and digestion system.“ This results in a reduction of blood pressure, slowing heart rate and increased digestive activity. Relax massage increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system that regulates toxins in the body.



Reducing blood pressure by massage can reduce the risk of developing anxiety, depression and stress, while at the same time reducing the risk of heart attack or kidney failure.


Stress can cause muscle pain, and relax massage relaxes muscles and reduces the pain. During the relax massage, it would be the best to be quiet, relax and concentrate on breathing and moves of masseur, because that’s how you can experience the massage as a form of meditation.


In addition to effect on nervous system, relax massage also affects the removal of stress hormones (insulin and cortisol) and other toxins caused by everyday problems. By reducing the level of cortisol, the massage positively affects the immune system.


Indulge to the relax massage and you will feel how your mind and the body are starting to relax, and you will start to feel healthier.

  • Rent for a 3 hours with massages

  • rsd9.000
    • Rent a spa for a period of 3 hours
    • 2 x relax massage for a period of 45 minutes
    • Two persons
    • Towels, slippers and bathrobes
    • Free drink from the mini bar

  • Rent for a 2 hours with massages

  • rsd7.000
    • Rent a spa for a period of 2 hours
    • 2 x relax massages for a period of 45 minutes
    • Two persons
    • Towels, slippers and bathrobes
    • Free drink from the mini bar

  • Relax massage for a period of 60 minutes without renting the spa

    Per massage

    3.500 rsd