What is a candle massage?

Wax massages originate from thai massage and have been used for centuries in order to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It has a positive and relaxing effect on the body and mind, while being sense-awakening and offering skincare.

This massage is done by lighting a candle, which then transforms to produce a warm and perfumed oil. This wax is then slowly rubbed into the skin. Our wax massages are done exclusively with high-quality candles designed specifically for massages. They are made from pure palm wax, oil, shea butter and e-vitamins.

Every candle is handmade, which gives it a special value and quality. It is packed in glass with the signature of it’s artisan on it.

Don’t worry, getting burnt here is impossible, because the candle is lit with a cotton wick and the wax’s temperature is that of the human body’s, giving it a highly pleasant and relaxing feeling.

Here’s a detailed description of the whole process:

  • The essential oils are rubbed into the skin with gentle and smoothing movements
  • Microcirculation is improved with the rubbing of the oil into the skin
  • The treatment’s objective is to completely relax you and awaken your senses
  • A relaxing atmosphere is created around the area of the massage, with music and aromatic oil, in order to enhance the experience of the massage.

Why choose LuxSpa?

By choosing LuxSpa’s candle massage, a high-quality treatment is guaranteed to you. Our masseurs and masseuses are qualified, well-trained and highly-experienced in their work.

In addition to that, we will also offer certain benefits, depending on the package of services you have chosen, i.e. the possible usage of the whole spa, drinks, towels, slippers and bathrobes.

How much does the candle massage cost?

If you have made up your mind and decided to choose a candle massage, you can choose between a 45 and a 60 minutes session, depending on the package. 

The standard package, which includes only a 60-minutes relax massage, costs a total of 5.000 rsd. However, if you choose to lease the Spa, the candle massage will last 45 minutes. Take a look at the complete offer below !

60-minutes candle massage without a lease of the Spa
Per massage
5.000 rsd

Lease of the spa with candle massages