We present you a part of our offers which has conquered the hearts of our clients in a wink of an eye. Our customers always receive this gift with a smile, through the recommendation of our most loyal customers. Offer a moment of relaxation and pleasure to your beloved ones with our gift vouchers, for a special occasion or simply out of appreciation.

Gift vouchers - ideal for every occasion

You can lease the Spa center in a private atmosphere of relaxation which will renew your body and mind, through various kinds of services. Offer a LuxSpa voucher for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, Valentine’s days, the 8th of March or any other special occasion. 

As a cherry on the cake, along with the hours of delight within our Spa, we will include the free usage of the Mini bar in the voucher. The LuxSpa center in Novi Sad offers vouchers which can last 2, 3 or 4 hours with luxurious services which include relaxing in a hydromassage bath and showers, a sauna, a tepidarium (aka. a hot bench) and different kinds of massages.

Order your voucher on time for yourself, your beloved ones or a group of friends. We will deliver the voucher for free within Novi Sad, or else we can send it through express postal services within Serbia. We offer you the occasion to show your appreciation towards your beloved ones by offering them the occasion to relax within our oasis of peace and enjoy our large offer of services.