Benefits of whirlpool bathtubs

Whirlpool baths have many health related benefits. Whether you want to cure a physical illness, prevent a future injury, or just to get rid of stress and fatigue, the whirlpool can help you with all of this.

Stress and anxiety

When you think of a whirlpool bath, the first thing that comes to your mind is a relaxing bath. You certainly think how you will forget all the worries and dive into hot water bubbles. A lot of people today suffer from stress, either because of work or some other life troubles. However, the whirlpool bath has therapeutic properties that have a beneficial effect on stress. In addition, the whirlpool bath also helps with insomnia. If you dive yourself in hot water for an hour and a half before you go to sleep, your internal thermostat will lower your temperature and allow you to fall asleep more easily.



The soothing bath in whirlpool bathtub helps to improve the circulation. Without proper blood circulation, the body can hardly deliver glucose, vitamins, minerals and oxygen to cells that needs them. The warmth of the water and the swirling motion in the bath stimulates and massages the veins and arteries, helping in the treatment of diabetes and varicose veins.

Pain relief

Another great effect of the whirlpool bathtub is alleviating different types of pain. Those who suffer from arthritis of joint pain can alleviate pains by hydrotherapy in whirlpool tub through increased circulation. This kind of therapy also helps with stretched muscles, sports injuries or back pain. Directing the swirling movement to a painful spot and by deep massage, it significantly relax muscles. The whirlpool bath also alleviates menstrual pains.


Effect on skin

The use of a whirlpool bath is great for the skin. Hot water in combination with water pressure on skin creates a high level of oxygenation, or oxygen infusion to the skin. It helps in the production of collagen and elastin that are important for youthful looking skin. Warm environment leads to sweating, whereby swirling water washes away all the sweat, dirt, grease and toxins from your body that are secreted when your pores are opened, making your skin cleaner and healthier. Hydrotherapy can also help people who suffer from acne​.

Due to these and many other effects, the whirlpool bath therapy has become widespread and can be found in many spas and spa centres .