Spa center – Novi Sad

LUX SPA – Novi Sad


The whirlpool bathtub can accommodate up to six people. Bathtub can be adjusted by temperature and intensity. Relaxing sound of water will make the pleasure complete.


Spa will help you relax mentally and physically. It is recommended for all those who are surrounded by work, nervousness or just want to find their own oasis of peace where they can enjoy.


A drink bar is at your disposal. All drinks at the bar are free to use while using the spa. There is a wide range of drinks, from water, juices, wines, beers, to espresso machines.

fotka o nama

You can use sauna without limitations while you are on your appointment. A new, modern sauna will provide you with a pleasant stay where you will enjoy.


Upon arrival, you will receive slippers, bathrobes and towels which you will use while staying at our spa. Hair dryer, shampoos, deodorants, bath gels…


One of the best and fastest ways for instant muscle relaxation in combination with deep massage.